H!... I am Kamlesh Chauhan

I do product UI/UX design, mobile app UI/UX design, website design. Currently working at Thomson Reuters.

My Work

Some of the awesome projects form the collection.
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Charity and Loyalty Mobile App UIUX Design Cover
Moyes Loyalty (Shopping Version of Moyes Pharmacy Chain Mobile App)

Charity & Loyalty Program with Easy Shopping

Mobile App UI/UX Design Case Study

Krinner Foundation Database Product and Mobile App UI/UX Design
Krinner Foundations

Real Time Data Syncup SaaS Product

Mobile App & Web App UI/UX Design Case Study


Very hard to keep real time tracking of screws and machine’s geological based coordinates as well as managed projects, clients data of 15 years old SaaS software.


Revolution of an existing database SaaS product two ways from mobile app to web app in real time geological coordinate data feeds, synchronizes, keeps track of data records faster, smoother and easier ways.


As a solo UX/UI designer, I provided UX/UI design and front end coding solutions of web & mobile applications.

Life Coaching Cover
Egypt based Personal Coach (Name Private)

e-Coaching Live Streaming Platform for Better Life

Website UI/UX Design & Development Case Study


Human life is very fast and the frustration level ratio is increasing day by day. Personal coach wants a platform where she gives life coaching to any age, gender, region either individually or in the group.


An online live streaming platform where coach give life coaching lessons, organize online webinars, create a network for a better world from one platform.


Being a solo designer, I played multiple roles on this project. I lead the eCoaching website from start to end. I have followed the design process, developed the website in WordPress.

The Clients I worked for...

What they says...

This is one of the best designer on up work . I hope to have long term relationship with this designer. Please try him out for yourself

Herzel Glashen Thinkouttheboxx

Excellent work. 100% recommended.

Steven Capuzzi

One of the best designer I have seen on upwork . Has all the skills to make your website or mobile app look Great. Just needs to be little more faster but if you are willing to wait little longer he is going to be worth the Wait and he is very helpful and has good ideas

Herzel Glashen Thinkouttheboxx

Thanks for doing this project with us. All the best!

Faith Colour Code

Super guys to work with

Enmanuel Rumbos Max Capital